2013 Abp Environmental Stewardship Award Winner Ranch Sale

Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Acres / $24,775,000 / West of Edmonton
2013 ABP Environmental Stewardship Award Winner Ranch – For SALE

Contact: Shawn Hansen
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Calgary, AB – February 12, 2015 – When a ranch is awarded an ABP Environmental Stewardship Award, you know that things are being done “right”, and that’s exactly what the Tomahawk Cattle Ranch won in 2013! And now, that exact ranch, located just west of Edmonton, is on the market for $24,775,000 and slated to move fast!

A Ranch with a colorful past, the Tomahawk was once owned by Donald Mercer Cormie, President and Founder of the ill-fated Principal Group. The Principle Group grew to have a billion dollars in assets before it declared bankruptcy in 1987.

At it’s peak in the 80’s the ranch was a 22 thousand acre purebred cattle ranch. It was the largest multi-breed purebred cattle ranch in Canada and the largest private bull semen bank in the world, developing sought after bulls in the Simmental and Maine-Anjou breeds and earning $3.3 million from its prize bull, Signal.

Now at 13,500 acres, Hansen Land Brokers is proud to present the 2013 Alberta Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award winner to the public! This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a sustainable, economic, and environmentally responsible piece of land to meet their needs and contribute to the Alberta market.

The Tomahawk Cattle Ranch takes on a holistic management style, focusing on people, the environment and the financial aspects – important things to consider, which have allowed them to become one of the few ranches on the market in Alberta that makes agricultural sense!

Features of this Alberta ranch include: extensive water resources, revitalized pastures, stunning views, and beautiful bodies of water, not to mention an abundance of opportunities for hunting everything from Coyotes to Moose.

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If you would like more information on the Tomahawk Cattle Ranch, please contact Shawn Hansen, of Hansen Land Brokers.