Agri-Food in Alberta

You may not realize it – but agri-food is a big part of everyday life in Alberta.  From the food we eat and drink to the expanse of natural landscape around us; Alberta agri-food industry is thriving and drawing global eyes on Alberta Farming and Land opportunities.

According to Statistics Canada; Alberta’s agri-food business has gained a worldwide reputation for consistently delivering quality and high standards – a reputation that has helped make Alberta the largest exporter of agri-food products in Canada.  Alberta’s producing farmers represent the third largest manufacturing sector in the province and projected population growth is set to put greater demands on production and quality.

Alberta Land sales have remained a hot-topic, both in Canada and around the world – primarily for the versatility of land use and demand for certain products.  From land development to farming ventures Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansen – witnesses the ongoing interest and demand for Alberta Farmland and explains that investment growth opportunities are still available to the experienced farmer and sophisticated investor.  Alberta has become a major distribution centre with easy access to British Columbia and Pacific markets –making investment in Alberta’s farming and agri-food industry a positive venture that will provide significant rewards as global markets expand with increases in world population.  Established Southern Alberta Farm operators are responding to global interest in land by acquiring available plots close to existing operations.  Knowing that increased land sales will prevent expansion of operations down the road – Alberta Farm Producers and investors are being pro-active with the purchase of prime land.

Hansen Land Brokers are a project oriented brokerage company situated in the town of High River Alberta.  Living and working in the heart of Alberta Farmland – Hansen Land Brokers are able to provide extensive insight and knowledge to all land transactions.  Southern Alberta Farmland continues to be considered a sought-after asset by both domestic and foreign investors, with Farm Credit Canada reporting that the value of Canadian Farmland has seen an annual increase of 12% since 2008.  For more information regarding available land sales in Southern Alberta – contact Hansen Land Brokers today.