What Agricultural Industries Dominate Alberta?

When Canadians and others who live in foreign nations think about Alberta, they probably think of oil and gas, beef, and wheat. That makes sense, since these three industries are some of the largest in Alberta, and they’re definitely the industries everyone talks about worldwide. But when you invest in Alberta farmland, there are many other options available.

Bison are a larger relative of cattle that are indigenous to North America. While these powerful animals were once hunted to near extinction, they are now doing quite well. Wild bison even roam some of our National Parks. For meat lovers, there are few animals quite as tasty as bison, and they are also an exceptionally healthy red meat. Bison are only getting more popular, and the bison industry is always looking for new ranchers to help meet the growing demand.

Beyond Wheat, canola crops and softwood lumber make up a substantial portion of Alberta’s agriculture and forestry industries. Canola is used for oil production, and our soft lumber is sold across North America and the Pacific Rim.

Beekeeping is an industry rarely associated with our province, but Alberta has actually become the leading Canadian province in beekeeping. Southern Alberta farmers have mastered wintering bees in modified barns. Beekeeping doesn’t just provide delicious honey for consumption across the nation; it also serves as the perfect complement to the canola industry. In fact, some beekeepers sell their bees’ services to canola farmers.

From North to South, Alberta is covered in productive, high-yield land that offers value through multiple potential industries. Our team of real estate experts carefully research all available land options to find the best parcel for your particular interests and priorities. Land can often come with hidden fees, taxes, and other problems. Working with professionals like the Hansen team helps to mitigate your risks and ensure you know what you’re getting. If you’re interested in investing in Alberta’s agricultural industry, contact Hansen Land Co. today.