Alberta – Still Booming

Recent numbers released by the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) indicates that Alberta is experiencing another boom due to modern technology being used to tap reserves from conventional oil fields.  Today’s horizontal drilling and multistage fracking is allowing companies to access assets that were once thought out of reach – creating additional jobs and a stage to showcase advancements in engineering technology.  And it’s not just the big oil companies who are making the most of this surge in oil production – both mid to small-sized operations are also taking advantage of the conventional oil production boom – contributing to Alberta’s healthy job market and enticement for families and individuals to move to this prairie province.

With an ongoing influx of workers from other provinces and countries, Alberta’s cities and towns continue to expand and grow.  The annexing of rural land to develop new communities isn’t anything new to Albertans – though some may have anticipated that the demand for development land would have slowed by now – but the demand for Albertan land has never been greater with International interest contributing to record salesHansen Land Brokers – a Southern Alberta Land Brokerage Firm – witnesses the demand for Alberta land daily; and acts on behalf of National, and International, parties to source, guide, and facilitate the successful purchase of land in Alberta.  Land buyers and investors require the assistance of a land sales expert who is knowledgeable and invested in creating a climate for viable sales and purchases – that expert is Mr. Shawn Hansen.  Providing clients with decades of experience in agricultural and land development sales – Mr. Hansen understands the many stipulations surrounding the development of  land and is proficient in handling the fine details of Alberta land sales and acquisitions. Whether it is farmland, industrial, or development land – Alberta presents many opportunities for the sale and purchase of land.

Hansen Land Brokers welcome your enquiries regarding available land for purchase in Southern Alberta.  Representing selling, purchasing, and auctioning clients; this Southern Alberta Land Brokerage has desirable projects available for viewing and offers.  Located in the Town of High River – Mr. Hansen holds the prestigious ALC accreditation from the Realtors Land Institute and is also an Associate Broker with Lively Realty LtdContact Hansen Land Brokers today – 1.888.652.7212