Why Alberta is a Great Choice for Farmland

Alberta Land has many things going for it – rich resources, spectacular vistas and a level of biosecurity that is structured to protect not only the land but the animals, crops and humans that contribute to this provinces vibrant farming community.

Biosecurity may be something that you associate with visiting foreign lands and completing airline declaration forms that ask if you’ve visited farmland recently and if you’re bringing meats and plants in, or out, of the country.  The detailed nature of these forms gives some insight as to the delicate balance of encouraging global adventure and protecting agriculture and biodiversity.  Canada’s biosecurity measures are in place to protect animal and land viability – enabling Canada’s farmers and food producers to remain national and international food suppliers.

Alberta’s stringent biosecurity protocol is proven to be effective in preventing and controlling diseases entering or leaving farmland.  While animal diseases like Avian Flu has plagued poultry farms in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba over the years – Alberta has successfully managed to avoid this disease.  Agricultural Minister Verlyn Olson spoke recently about Alberta’s pro-active stance on protecting livestock and land from potential disease – mentioning that ‘it’s no random accident that Alberta’s livestock has managed to dodge a bullet’, but is due to dedicated professionals who work to assess and monitor farm operations and prepare for potential threats by doing live analysis and mock-ups of disease outbreaks.  Acknowledging that the BSE experience played a part in fostering active engagement from the agricultural industry – Mr. Olson confirmed that Alberta is not sitting on the sidelines, but is actively working to enhance livestock biosecurity.

Alberta Land Broker – Mr. Shawn Hansen – believes that Alberta’s Agricultural Ministry’s proactive stance on livestock biosecurity plays a vital role in maintaining land values and farmland viability and provides a vital safety net to both existing and potential land owners. Alberta farmland is already a sought-after investment that has Europeans, Asians and North Americans venturing to these lands for purchase opportunities – add to existing interest the knowledge of proven biosecurity measures – Alberta Farmland is set to continue to be the choice for land purchase.

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