Alberta Land Brokers

At first glance the role of an Alberta Land Broker appears to be full of fast transactions of land that ‘sells itself’.  But it doesn’t take much research or curiosity to dispel that initial perception – the reality is that today’s successful Land Broker in Alberta brings invaluable skills and knowledge to the world of land transactions – facilitating sought after gains for both buyers and sellers.

Southern Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansenhas mastered the art of lucrative land transactions and is trusted by many to source, present, and close coveted land deals.  Offering clients’ knowledge of land value analysis and potential uses – Mr. Hansen is able to guide parties through the various complexities of Alberta Land Sales; ensuring professional representation and profitable outcomes.

Alberta Land has gained global attention in recent years due to ongoing urban sprawl, energy royalties, and increased world commodity demand.  This attention and resulting coveting of Alberta’s prime asset has resulted in a flurry of fast sales and added pressure on Land Brokers to source prime lots and properties.  The advantages of employing the skills of an Accredited Land Consultant means advanced exposure to viable opportunities, expert advice on legislation and  land use, potential long-term value evaluation, strategic offering and acceptance of sales, and experience in handling associated paper-work to successfully close the deal.

If your dream is to own a piece of Southern Alberta Land; the first step is to attain the expertise of a proven Land Broker who has a depth of experience in land transactions and can anticipate the desires of sophisticated investors and farmland operators.  Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Co. has over twenty years’ experience in Alberta Land Sales and dealings.  From acreages, working ranches, undeveloped raw tracts, and prime irrigated land – Hansen Land Co. is a leader in the industry and is utilized by private investors, corporations, local and international governments, to advice on Alberta Land Sales.

Making dreams become a reality for investors is something Hansen Land Co. takes seriously.  Working diligently to ensure that land sales and purchases meet the desired goals and expectations of all parties is what earns this Alberta Land Brokerage firm respect and trust – and the reputation of being an industry leader.

For more information regarding Hansen Land Co. – contact Shawn Hansen today – 1.888.652.7212