Alberta Leads Canadian Agriculture

If you’re thinking about investing in land, Alberta is the place to do it! As Canadian leaders in beef, wheat, and bee production, Alberta farmers are an excellent investment. But don’t just take our word for it, follow the numbers.

Alberta Leads Beef

If you’re trying to think of top cuts of beef, “Alberta beef” rolls right off the tongue. That’s because Alberta is Canada’s largest beef producing province. It houses 40% of the country’s cattle – that works out to 1.99 million head of cattle at once! With 151 feedlots that represent 69% of Canada’s fed cattle production, it’s clear that whether the farmers are ranching or using feedlots, Alberta dominates beef production.

Overall, the beef industry in Canada is the largest single source of farm cash receipts totalling $6.5 billion in 2006. That contributed $26 billion to Canada’s economy, contributing 2.7% of the world’s beef production. With world beef consumption remaining high, this significant industry is worth the investment.

Investing in Wheat?

When you think about the breadbasket of Canada, Saskatchewan may come to mind first…but did you know that Alberta is second only to Saskatchewan in terms of Canadian wheat production? Manitoba follows closely behind and no other province even comes close. This staple isn’t just used for bread though – it’s also often used to feed that other booming industry,  cattle!

Our Friends, the Bees

Without bees, a large portion of the produce in our grocery stores would die off. We need our bees! Yet not only do we need bees for pollinating, we love the sweet products of their labours: the taste of honey and the lovely scent of beeswax products. This industry may be overlooked but Alberta is a key producer: it hosts the 3rd largest number of beekeepers. It doesn’t stop there: Alberta blows every other province out of the water when it comes to number of colonies (280,000, more than double the next largest number, hosted by Saskatchewan), and pounds of honey produced (32,200,000 lbs in 2013, also double the next largest number). That all works out to 43% market share in Canada of honey production for Alberta alone. Beekeepers in Alberta are worth over 70 million dollars in honey value!

If you’re looking to make a sound investment in Alberta, why not invest in the land that these local farmers will build their valuable industry on? At Hansen Land Co., we can help you make the best decision for you and your finances!