Alberta – Still The Best Place To Live in Canada

 According to Money Sense’s March 2014 publication – Alberta cities are ranked one and two for the best place to live in Canada.  Calgary, which ranked number one last year, picked up a very respectful second place rank for 2014 – and Alberta’s own St. Albert claimed top-dog position with the number one rank.

Sure we knocked some Eastern cities off their pedestal – but what does all this ranking really say about Alberta’s economic position and long-term growth prospects.  Southern Alberta Land Broker – Mr. Shawn Hansen – has long known that Alberta is a province with enviable strength and vitality.  Since the early 1980’s, fellow Canadians have been flocking to Alberta to be part of the resilient and rewarding job market and to take advantage of the numerous life-style opportunities to be had.  Add to that Statistics Canada’s February 2014 report stating that job growth in Canada comes down to Alberta – with 82,300 of the 94,700 new jobs created in the past year being in Alberta.  There just isn’t anyway around it, Alberta rocks, and is set to continue on this course of expansion for several years to come.  Not only are our neighbours clambering to live in this energetic province but continued positive exposure around the world has international corporations, foreign executives, and highly trained workers, vying to experience all that Alberta has to offer.

Is there a downside to all this positive attention?  Hansen Land Brokers has been successfully facilitating and advising on all manner of land transactions in Southern Alberta for decades and has been part of the ‘Alberta land rush’ that has literally swept the province.  Shawn Hansen’s advice to investors and farmland buyers competing for a piece of Alberta Land is ‘don’t wait to buy land – buy land and wait’.  The reality is that prime land sales just don’t come along that often – with much of Southern Alberta’s best irrigated land being already snapped up by foreign interest.

From Government Statistics to Global reporting – all eyes are still on Alberta – and it is proving to be a very enticing sight.

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