Alberta’s Growth Prospects – Still Looking Good

Our previous blogs have highlighted the many advantages Alberta Land offers investors and those who wish to grab a piece of Southern Alberta Farmland for the purpose of working the soil and/or to expand an existing farm operation. Whether it is for development or farming needs – Southern Alberta Farmland remains a solid investment for all parties.

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers has immersed himself in Southern Alberta’s Farmland community for decades – developing a keen awareness for land values, potential, and investment opportunity.  Mr. Hansen is considered a trailblazer when it comes to establishing prospects for motivated individuals who want to be part of Alberta’s growth and prosperity – opening doors to rich returns that would otherwise have remained closedIn 2011 Hansen Land Brokers received the Accredited Land Consultants designation – only the second Land Brokerage Company in Western Canada to receive this prestigious title.

Alberta Land Brokers need to have their finger on the pulse at all times; enabling them to facilitate successful transactions where both the buyer and seller are professionally represented.  In addition to staying on top of Alberta Land Values and investment opportunities – Hansen Land Brokers report on economic trends within the Province – and provides investors with up-to-date information regarding Southern Alberta Land Sales.  Advising on both the sale and purchase of land – this boutique style brokerage firm views each project as an opportunity to better their performance and provide every client with exceptional service and guidance.

Alberta’s ongoing growth prospects and economic stability does not allow successful Southern Alberta Land Brokers to rest on their laurels – but demands a continuous expansion of knowledge and skill do effectively serve local, national, and foreign interest.  Alberta is no shrinking violet – in fact this Provincial powerhouse is leading Canada in job creation and has garnered significant attention from international investors and job seekers.  This steady influx of capital and brainpower creates a need for the development of Alberta land for commercial, residential, and farming purposes – and continues to present worthwhile investment prospects to interested parties.

If you have an interest in investing in Southern Alberta Land or Farmland – contact Hansen Land Brokers today – 1.888.652.7212