Alberta’s Tomahawk Cattle Ranch

To be recognized as an industry leader is what most businesses aspire to.  Alberta’s Tomahawk Cattle Ranch is testament to how hard work, visionary thinking, and a drive to honor both the environment and the animals that live on it can result in gaining awards and industry applause.

Located south of Wabamun Lake – Tomahawk Cattle Ranch has been home to the Taillieu family, who with extreme dedication has transformed over-grazed and fragile land in to sustainable and revitalized pastures.  Awarded The Environmental Stewardship Award in 2013 by Alberta Beef Producers – Tomahawk Cattle Ranch provides a history of well planned and executed ranching – a legacy that is primed for continued growth and success.

Situated on a lakebed that was drained back in the ‘60’s – Tomahawk Ranch provides tremendous biodiversity while reducing the carbon footprint left on the landscape.  Operating with a philosophy of adapting to the presenting landscape, rather than forcing a landscape to adapt to an operation – land that was once considered subprime has been transformed by stewardship of the Taillieu’s in to a viable Agricultural Operation.

Hansen Land Brokers
Mr. Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers explains that’s it rare to find this calibre of land and ranching management – as no machinery is used to control or enhance soil quality – but a process of timed grazing that never completely depletes pasture due to leaving residual grass that promotes faster regrowth an plant revival.  This method of ranching has enriched soil quality and encouraged the natural growth of new grasses – grasses that had not been seen in the area for decades.

Bale Grazing
Bale grazing contributes to the quality of soil.  Once considered to be a method for reducing feed costs during winter months – Tomahawk Ranch incorporates bale grazing year-round due to the noted increase in soil quality.  Water management, an operational dilemma that can plaque ranches has also been successfully addressed  – with a focus on using environmentally stable methods and implementing protective creek fencing – water costs have been reduced.

Alberta’s Tomahawk Cattle Ranch is rich in quality – from soil and plants to wildlife – the quality of this ranch runs deep and presents a gem of an opportunity.

For more information regarding the sale of Tomahawk Cattle Ranch – contact Shawn Hansen – 403.540.9659