Benefits to Outsourcing Help to Manage Your Land

Between land, equipment and labour costs – there’s a lot that goes in to running a successful farming operation – so much so that land owners are relying more on the benefits of outsourcing help to free up time and money.

Can a Custom Operator Save You Money?

As farming operations grow and develop there is a demand for more machinery and manpower to manage the additional acres and/or new crops.  Sometimes the cost of purchasing machinery and hiring additional hands wipes-out any potential profit that the expanding operation offered – forcing land owners to explore financially viable options for maintaining profit margins while completing essential tasks.  Southern Alberta Land Broker – Mr. Shawn Hansen – has witnessed the opportunities custom operators offer land owners; especially those who are challenged with needing extra machinery for a short period of time or an in-between sized project that can’t support the purchase of an extra piece of equipment.

How Does Outsourcing Help a Land Owner?

Outsourcing projects offers tremendous benefits to land owners – especially when it comes to protecting profits while enabling operation expansion.  Outsourcing to a custom operator means you’re exposed to an expert in the needed task – someone who provides their own equipment, works efficiently and is rewarded for completing an assigned task.  Once the project is complete so is the hired hand and machinery – no lasting overhead to stress about carrying for years to come.  But it’s not just about machinery costs – though they certainly don’t come cheap – outsourcing also provides manpower benefits.  Having a range of full time laborers can translate to a hefty payroll – especially during quiet times – whereas contractors and custom operators can help keep payroll costs down without limiting the operation.  Often a custom operator will provide their own manpower – a bonus for land investors who have no intention of getting their own hands dirty.

Just because you own land doesn’t mean you have to break your back, or the bank, working it.  Turning to professionals who specialize in seeding, harvesting and irrigation can take the stress and expense out of managing land – allowing you to focus on making your next land purchase.
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