Want to buy Alberta farmland? Think going cheap will save you $$?

Cheap land can cost you.

Southern Alberta Land Broker, Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers in High River warns land buyers of cheap land prices. As what’s cheap going in can prove to be very costly on the other side.  Cheap land that has been neglected or is attached to an unproductive farm requires deep pockets to turn it around into quality soil that is fit for farming.  Manpower, machinery, fertilizers, crop, and TLC all come with a price that can shock buyers who aren’t familiar with the hidden costs of working the land.  A farm that is fully operational and made up of quality land that has been tended over years may be more expensive initially but can offer a better return on an initial investment.

Is buying Southern Alberta farmland the right move?

Individuals and investment companies are looking at different vehicles to balance poor portfolio performance, and farmland still gains attention even in today’s rocky economic times.  But is owning land the right decision for you?  Do you really understand what you’re buying and how it can work for or against you?  Working with a Land Broker in Alberta can help negotiate the numerous questions that surround land transactions. Ensuring that you buy the right parcel of land at the right price.

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