Is Buying Land Through an Auction the Right Choice For You?

Alberta Land Broker and member of the Auctioneers’ Association of Alberta and National Auctioneers Association – Mr. Shawn Hansen, of Hansen Land Brokers, holds a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to guiding and advising clients on auction land sales and purchases.  Recognized as an accomplished auctioneer and authority on the entire auction process – Mr. Hansen is a valuable asset to utilize when considering entering the auction arena.

For those who distinguish the present opportunities buying or selling Alberta Land offers; attending an auction to purchase a prized piece of land may well offer an amazing chance to secure a parcel of quality land that would have otherwise escaped you.  The most critical point to make is that buying land through an auction is legally binding – so having clear details about the land ahead of time is highly recommended.  Working with a dedicated and experienced Land Consultant who can provide accurate information on plot characteristics and potential usage is a great place to start your auction adventure.

Buying Southern Alberta Land through an auction necessitates advance planning and research to establish any pit-falls that may be associated with a particular purchase.  Having incomplete or out-dated information on land restrictions, ease of access, quality of land and exact dimensions are just a few of the many details that can put a spanner-in-the-works for an inexperienced buyer – however, the skill and familiarity that Hansen Land Brokers possess of auction sales ensures that buyers make the right choice and avoid costly mistakes.

Not all Alberta Land is created equal – and some property being auctioned may not be suitable for all buyers – especially if land development is the goal.  Unclear understanding of potential development and connection to utilities can ruin the investment opportunity a buyer seeks and create unnecessary stress and expenses due to resale.  Mr. Shawn Hansen explains that auction sales are binding, so having an auction and land expert research the fine details and facilitate the transaction, offers clients not only peace-of-mind, but a great tactic in securing the best land for the best dollar.

Hansen Land Brokers is located in High River and provide land auction opportunities to both sellers and buyers.  For more information regarding Land Auctions in Southern Alberta – contact Hansen Land Brokers today 1.888.652.7212

uction the Right Choice For You?