Why Buying Land is a Good Investment

According to Farm Credit Canada, farm prices nationally have risen an average of twelve percent a year since 2008.  And if you think it’s just Canadian Farmland that’s selling at record prices – Britain reports the price of farmland has trebled in less than a decade – and the USA reports major increases in land values, with an average increase of thirteen percent from 2012 to 2013, which followed a fourteen percent increase the previous year.  Whether it’s North America, Europe or Asia – Farmland prices have continued to rise and show no signs of stopping soon.

Shawn Hansen  pays close attention to the farmland trends and markets

It’s his business to be fully informed of both the short and long-term gains that can be made through land purchases.   Explaining that global land prices have seen huge returns due to record-low interest rates, improved crop yields and stable commodity prices – Hansen Land Brokers anticipate further interest and demand for quality land purchase opportunities, and prepares clients for the race that is on between farmers, developers, Hedge Fund Managers and Investors to find and buy prime Alberta Land.

Expertise and Guidance

With such a range of potential buyers all vying to be first in line; successful Alberta Land Sales require the expertise and guidance of someone who has the inside track on profitable ventures and who can facilitate a smooth, quick sale.  Mr. Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers has assisted numerous clients either purchase or sell prime Alberta Land, and is considered to be a respected and trusted source for all land ventures.  Acknowledging the sheer magnitude the world faces in feeding over nine billion people, along with the need to create communities and commercial developments – Southern Alberta Land Brokers know that the grab for land is far from over – but that the demand for quality land is depleting supplies fast.

If buying prime Alberta Land is your goal – don’t wait too long to purchase – contact Hansen Land Brokers today to discover current land sale opportunities 1.888.652.7212

Hansen Land Brokers represent both sellers and buyers of land on Southern Alberta