Things to Consider when Buying Land

Among investors, land has long been acknowledged as a safe investment. Alberta farm land, in particular, is a great addition to any portfolio, as the prairies are well known for their productivity and superior agriculture products such as beef, wheat, and honey. However, that doesn’t mean you should hastily move forward with your investment without giving the decision proper consideration.

The promises of rich returns and a rock-solid investment can be alluring to any investor looking to expand their portfolio, but at Hansen Land Co. we prioritize making sure our clients find the right piece of land. Moving too quickly can lead to purchasing land with baggage like unwanted taxes, zoning restrictions, right-of-way, and utility limitations that eat up any potential revenue and have the inexperienced buyer regretting their decision. In order to enjoy healthy gains on your investment, it pays to take your time and work with an expert who will thoroughly research all potential options and present you with the best possible purchases.

Consider the Future.

We’ve met far too many Albertans who purchased a beautiful piece of land with the intention of creating a gorgeous manor, building a small inn, or pursuing another dream. However, many pieces of land come with zoning regulations and other rules that greatly limit what an owner is allowed to construct on their land. By working with an expert, you’ll know what each piece of land is zoned for and best suited for. This allows you to go into the purchase with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

It’s a Seller’s Market.

A final thing you should weigh in your decision is that Alberta farmland is a seller’s market. Some of the best land may be for rent instead of for sale, so you’ll need to carefully decide your priorities when choosing whether to buy, rent, or wait. Working with the professionals at Hansen Land Co. can help to ensure you take all the necessary time to wait until a suitable property comes along, and that you don’t hesitate and miss out on the right opportunity.

Buying land should never be a rash decision. Land is a large purchase that can either bring rich returns or a costly headache. We’ve helped explain the nuances of buying land for over 25 years, so you can trust we have the experience you need to make the right purchase at the right time. Contact Hansen Land Co. today to get started.