Buying and Selling Land – How a Seasoned Broker Can Help

Thinking of buying a prime piece of Southern Alberta Land?  Been sitting on a parcel of land that you’re now ready to sell?  Southern Alberta Land sales have remained an attractive investment vehicle throughout Alberta’s and Canada’s rocky economic times.  But just because land is a viable investment doesn’t mean a prospective buyer or seller should go blindly in to the arena.

Gathering Land Details

Most people are aware of the saying ‘the big print giveth and the small print taketh away’ – never has it been more true than in dealing with the slew of fine details that emerge when doing any form of land transaction.  From rights of way, royalty dues, zoning rules and potential future value – an inexperienced buyer, or rookie broker may not know what details to look for or what to seek clarification of, which may not only cost you heaps of time – but heaps of money as well.  Veteran Southern Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansen – explains that even in white-hot market times buyers and sellers shouldn’t get carried away on the wave of ‘gotta buy now’ – because when a market softens (which they all do at some point) people have to live with their investment choice any negative aspect that comes with it.

Viewing Land as an Investment

Many people purchase land with the intention of holding the parcel for a certain length of time.  The longer you hold it the more potential there is of growing a significant investment.  But choosing the right piece of land for investment is no different than choosing stocks – they all claim to have a reason for worth, yet not all perform to the same heights as others.  And just like a seasoned investment advisor would caution a buyer about certain stock sectors – a seasoned land broker is able to provide the same in-depth guidance regarding the risk and reward attached to the purchase or sale of land. Whether the plan is to build on the land, lease it for agricultural purposes, do nothing or hopefully sell it at some future time to a developer – finding a piece of property that meets present and distant goals requires the knowledge and experience of a Land Broker who not only knows the market but understands what a client wants to accomplish.

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