The Calgary Stampede – Showcasing Alberta Agriculture

The Calgary Stampede – a rowdy annual ten days when both rural and urban cowboys and cowgirls take in some Wild West action and step away from desks and computers to enjoy food, entertainment, and prime-time socializing. But the Calgary Stampede is so much more than corn dogs and pizza with some exotic toppings. It not only represents Calgary’s vitality and prevailing attitude, but it also gives a glimpse of Alberta’s heritage in the form of horses and cattle to homegrown grains and pulses grown by Alberta farmers and agri operators. Even if it’s the lure of country singers and rock bands that gets you to the grounds, it will be the glimpse of Alberta’s agricultural strength that keeps you coming back.


Agricultural Fair Came First

Though many people associate the Stampede with Chuck Wagons and Rodeo action it actually all started with agriculture back in 1886, and the legacy of volunteering, showing, and teaching at the agricultural fair is something today’s Alberta Farmers take seriously.  The United Nations named 2016 International Year of Pulses – ensuring some of Alberta’s 5,000 pulse growers will be showcasing crops and their uses during the ten days of Stampede.  From peas to lentils – Alberta certainly has the finger on the pulse when it comes to growing unique and nutritious foods that help feed people both locally and globally.  But if peas, beans, and lentils don’t grab your attention there’s a whole lot more Alberta Agriculture to take in.

Aggie Days to the Agrium Western Event Centre

Alberta Agriculture is respected around the world and is considered a leader in the arena of sustainable beef farming as shown with a range of exhibits in the Agrium Western Event Centre. Drawing people from all corners of the globe to see, feel, and learn about the many benefits farming Alberta land provides – the Calgary Stampede highlights the history and richness of farming in Alberta. And if you really want a taste of Alberta farm life without buying a farm – Aggie Days does an amazing job of bringing a taste of agriculture to urbanites both young and old.  Cow-milking, sheep-shearing, and cattle auctions all happen at Aggie Days and provides a hint of the daily work involved for Alberta Farmers.

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