Can These Crazy Trade Talks Benefit Canadian Agriculture?

Whenever we turn on any kind of news station nowadays, we have come to expect to hear about something new happening in U.S. politics. But as Trump has instilled his “make America great again” policies by putting his country first and continuing to pull out of numerous trading deals, this could actually provide Canadian agriculture with the opportunity to prosper.

When he first stepped into his presidency last year, Trump pulled America from the Trans Pacific Partnership, equipping Canada with the best access to the Vietnam and Japan trading markets. It’s quite possible the U.S. has doomed itself to next to no involvement or any further connection to the TPP. Our agriculture is already starting to experience a definite boom with this added benefit of Vietnamese and Japanese trades. Not only did the United States take a full step back in regards to the TPP, but the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, is still under negotiation.

This may actually spell prosperity for Canadian agriculture, as we would have primary access to the Mexican trade markets. With America painting themselves into a corner over these trading deals, it gives Canada ample opportunity to step forward and make stronger deals with our fellow countries. This includes the possibility of bigger trading arrangements with countries like China. Because of how densely situated the country is, imports and trades from the expanse of our land could very well start to come in high demand. If China shakes hands with us Canadians on certain imports, this could reform the Canadian market in big ways.

If the U.S. keeps cutting ties to these trading agreements, it will definitely give Canadian agriculture a boost in the world trade market. Perhaps the States will come around and want back in on the riches, but as of right now, Canada is doing itself a big favour in the long run by acting on these trades.

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