Recent Deal with India Give Alberta’s Farm Producers a Boost

– has a reputation for staying on top of business news that impacts Farmland Investors and Producers in Alberta; and last month’s announcement of a trade agreement between Alberta’s farm producers and India presents great opportunities for those already holding Southern Alberta Farmland, and those who are itching to be part of this economic powerhouse.

India is an important player in Alberta’s export market – with more than $102million worth of goods being imported annually by India.  And with Alberta’s Agricultural Minister – Mr. Verlyn Olson – explaining that the agreement, which was signed earlier in January, is set to provide additional opportunities for Alberta’s agricultural producers, equipment and infrastructure manufacturers.  Alberta’s agricultural sector and India already have a very healthy history of doing business together – and this is about to be strengthened with new opportunities being opened up for increased exports of livestock and agri-food genetics.  Ian Donovan, MLA for Little Bow, has been quoted as saying that this is a ‘positive development’ for Alberta’s Agricultural Sector – and goes on to say that ‘Alberta is home to some of the finest agricultural products in the world – and it’s important that we support producers in getting them to market.’

But January’s latest trade agreement in India isn’t the only positive announcement for Alberta’s economy – Premier Alison Redford opened a new trade office in New Delhi and signed an agreement for increased export of oil and gas – a move that will provide ongoing stimulus to Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sectors as New Delhi’s population of 40million, and growing, will present considerable demands for Alberta’s energy.  And with support for these recent trade agreements being shown from opposing political parties and individuals – the long range forecast is predicted to be a healthy economic climate between Alberta and India.

And for those of you who are puzzled at the ‘livestock’ opportunities that are predicted to present themselves – Alberta’s swine (and dairy producers) now have an opportunity to share the limelight with established beef producers, as the demand for pork products and genetics will exceed India’s beef requirements.  This latest trade agreement is another indication of the world’s confidence in Alberta’s economic stability and opportunities to invest in Alberta Farmland.

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