Decided You Want to Buy Land? Some Things to Consider

Decided You Want to Buy Land? Some Things to Consider - Hansen Land Co - Alberta Land Sales

What could be simpler than purchasing a piece of Southern Alberta Land?  It’s known around the world for its rich returns and chased down by many at land auctions and in real estate offices.  So why would you hesitate before slapping down your cash?  A savvy buyer won’t rush to gain a piece of land – but will take some time to consider the responsibilities of owning a chunk of soil.

Are You Sure It’s The Right Land For You?

Experienced Southern Alberta Land Broker – Mr. Shawn Hansen – from Hansen Land Brokers will be the first to caution prospective land buyers in moving too quickly when it comes to land purchases.  Though land has historically been a rock-solid investment – healthy gains can only be made if the right piece of land is purchased from the onset.  Hiding beneath the top-soil may be a host of loop-holes that can spoil a sale and leave an in-experienced purchaser regretting the transaction.  Considerations such as zoning restrictions, right-of-way and utility limitations can influence whether a potential purchaser makes an offer and at what price.

Zoning Restrictions

So you’ve found a magnificent plot of land that offers a breath-taking view.  Your mind races with design plans for your dream home – only to come to a screeching halt when you discover that your dream home is turning in to a nightmare, thanks to zoning regulations that restrict your design.  Knowing what the land is best suited for and zoned for ahead of time will eliminate design disappointments – and may even have you considering a different piece of land that will better meet your long-term plans.

Working With an Alberta Land Broker

One of the best ways to avoid big disappointments and unnecessary expenditures is to work with a skilled Southern Alberta Land Broker.  Armed with knowledge and access to essential information regarding potential pit-falls of land purchase – a land broker is able to provide you with land opportunities that not only meet your budget but enable you to meet design, building and usage goals.  Failing to check and understand the nuances of land ownership can cause some buyers to eat dirt.

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