Farmland Purchase in Alberta – Advance Preparation Will Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

You’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe you’ve even shared your dream of owning some prime Alberta Farmland with friends and family, and now you’re ready to slap down hard-earned cash and ride-off (or walk-off) into the sunset with a piece of Alberta heritage. Today, high value farmland is being auctioned off in record time, and this can create a significant gap between what you know about land you’re purchasing and what you need to know for a successful transaction.

Gathering Information Before Purchasing Land

For seasoned landowners and farmers, the process of buying land is a well mapped-out event that includes taking into consideration all manner of pros and cons that come with owning Alberta soil. For the novice land purchaser certain scenarios are unimaginable. As with most of life – it’s experience that helps anticipate and negotiate the highs and lows. Investing some time in establishing a well-researched plan for land-ownership will provide a blueprint for negotiating the terrain around the purchase of ideally suited land and help you to keep emotions out of a logical process. Valuable resources are available regarding the ins and outs of farmland transactions, one of which is ’16 Questions to Consider Before Buying Farmland’ provided by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, an organization that has an accurate read on today’s farmland economy and culture.

Team-Up with a Proven Land Broker

Though there is great information available online to those who want to familiarize themselves with Alberta Land sales, nothing compares to working collaboratively with an experienced land broker who has firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day market. Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers understands the need to provide potential buyers with accurate data on viable land tracts and recognizes the importance of making decisions based on fact — not speculation, regarding potential land values and use. Don’t get caught with buyer’s remorse. Arm yourself with essential information and the guidance of a land broker before stepping into the land sales arena.

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