Farmland Value in Southern Alberta

With rocky oil prices and constant media attention going to the projected fall-out of a lower price per barrel environment, it’s hard to imagine any sector being able to thrive when negative chatter abounds.  But there is an asset that continues to flourish amidst uncertain times – and that’s Southern Alberta Farmland.

Farmland Creates Opportunity
Southern Alberta Land Broker
– Shawn Hansen – recommends that it’s time to re-visit the value of holding Alberta Farmland and to understand that the normal cyclical world of oil and gas does not translate to land values sliding off the table.  Ongoing bidding wars for Southern Alberta Agricultural Land has resulted in the average acre of land selling for approximately $10,000 – with an increase in value also witnessed in scrub-land – land that though not desirable to agricultural buyers, has become highly sought-after by urbanites fleeing bursting at the seams towns in an attempt to create a weekend escape.

Why Buy Alberta Farmland?
Though crop prices have softened since 2013’s exceptional performance – the price of land is holding steady – providing a needed haven for bubble burn-out investors and farming professionals.  Alberta and parts of Ontario seem to be riding out the peaks and valleys remarkably well – thanks in part to the resilience of farmers  and investors who understand that holding an asset that is in short-supply but high-demand will ultimately prove to be a sound investment.

Who Can Buy Land?
The purchase of Southern Alberta Farmland is not exclusive to active farmers – but draws interest from corporations to individuals aiming to diversify investment portfolios and off-set mediocre returns of comparable low-risk assets.  With global eyes vying for a piece of Alberta’s diminishing soil – interested parties are advised to act now and act fast, as prime irrigated land is in short supply.

Alberta Land Brokers
Utilizing the skills and experience of a trusted Alberta Land Broker can remove the stress from a purchase of sales transaction – especially if you’re new to exploring land sale opportunities.  Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers provides clients with decades of land experience – assisting in sourcing land deals, advising on offers and pricing, and facilitating the closing of a sale or purchase.  For more information regarding Alberta Farmland and Land Sales – contact Hansen Land Brokers today 1.888.652.7212

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