Farmland Value in Southern Alberta

Alberta Farmland value has managed to weather all manner of storms over the past one hundred years.  And though there have been tough times for farmers; Alberta Agriculture has always been the backbone of Alberta’s economy and has provided, along with other Canadian Agricultural provinces, employment to a fifth of Canada’s workforce at various times.  Today’s farming is very different – due to the fact that farmland has become a hot commodity – out performing residential and commercial real estate and returning an average gain of 12% over the past five years.

Talented Fund Managers who have tracked Alberta Land values are also turning to this commodity for investment potential – consequently Pension Plans and Hedge Funds have incorporated Agricultural Assets in to portfolios in an attempt to capture the gains that many sophisticated investors have already experienced.  Alberta Land Broker and Agricultural Land Sales expert, Mr. Shawn Hansen, explains that no one said it better that Mark Twain – “Buy land, they ain’t making any more of it.”  Supply and demand across all industries and commodities has always driven prices to healthy levels and Alberta Farmland is no exception – with the rise in global food prices, explosion in world population, and the never-ending urban sprawl, has translated in prime irrigated Alberta Farmland being snapped up by those who have the forethought to know where this land shortage scenario is headed.

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers helps clients make their dreams become reality with the purchase of Southern Alberta Farmland.  Whether the goal is to buy a working farm, hold land for a third party to farm, invest in potential development of land, or to merely hold land for future gains – Hansen Land Brokers are able to assist clients in both the sale and purchase of desirable landBringing decades of agricultural and real estate experience to each and every transaction, Mr. Shawn Hansen and his team strive to source, advice, and facilitate a smooth purchase or sale of Farmland in Southern Alberta.

It’s no secret that Alberta is still growing, still booming, still presenting viable opportunities for healthy financial gains and the achievement of goals.  Let Hansen Land Brokers help you achieve your financial goals – contact them today and discover what Alberta Farmland has to offer. 1.888.652.7212