Happy Holidays from Hansen Land Brokers

The team of Hansen Land Brokers would like to wish you all a joyful and bright holiday season this year. With 2018 nearly behind us, this last chilly month is a chance for us to reflect on our accomplishments this year and what we plan to pursue in the coming year. Whether you’ve worked with one of our brokers, you’ve been involved on one of our projects or you’ve simply contacted us for guidance, we are excited to step into the new year with those we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

We’d love to remind our readers and our clients to support local this holiday season! At Hansen Land Brokers, we firmly believe in supporting our local farmers, artisans and small businesses. Not only will you be treating your family and friends to something unique, but you’ll be putting food on the tables of neighbouring families with your business. Visit the farmers market to load up on treats, sweets and presents and all the makings for your big holiday feast. Purchase your meats from Alberta ranchers and if a Christmas ham is a holiday tradition for your family, you can find a producer that fits your needs here. If you’re willing to do your research, it’s not hard to find local Alberta beef and other meats to impress your family, and your inlaws, this holiday!

However you and your loved ones celebrate, we at Hansen Land Brokers understand that family is the most important ingredient in any holiday. We hope our fellow Albertans enjoy the merriment of the season and choose to support our local producers. Because Albertans supporting Albertans is the most festive we can get this holiday season! Happy Holidays!