What Exactly is a Land Brokerage? And How do They Work for You?













If you’re considering buying or selling land, we suggest working with a broker like Hansen Land Co. You can think of a land broker like us as a special kind of real estate agent who has chosen to specialize in bare property, farms, and ranches. Simply put, we help Albertans sell and purchase agricultural, development, investment, and transitional land-based assets in Alberta.

Here at Hansen Land Brokers, we have the transaction-based experience, the professional knowledge, and the up-to-date education to provide you with the right guidance when preparing to either sell or buy all types of land, be it for agricultural, recreational, development, or investment purposes. No matter whether you’re buying or selling, we have the know-how and dedication you need to make your transaction positive, safe, and successful.

How you can benefit from our services:

  • Our expertise is broad-based. As land broker professionals, we provide land buyers with valuable information about potential properties and help make your purchase successful.
  • We carefully research soil types and water & well issues in order to provide our buyers with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.
  • Environmental considerations can have huge impact on land values as well. If hazardous materials were stored onsite, our buyers need to know.
  • We have an understanding and awareness of how local patterns of urban growth affect potential land values. You can be confident that you have all the facts when we are supporting your transaction.

When Hansen Land brokers sells your property, you can depend on our strength in networking to connect to potential buyers and maximize your exposure. Our experience helps to create accurate pricing and projections. By providing support to both buyers and sellers, we significantly increase effectiveness at closing transactions.

We are only one of two Accredited Land Consultants in Western Canada, so come to us!