How a Land Consultant helps you make the best purchase at Auction

“I’m going to pick up a ‘steal,’” might be your mindset when planning to attend and bid at the next land auction. And good for you! It is very possible to steal a deal at auction, and fortunately, success in bidding on land comes more through preparation than through good fortune. At Hansen Land Brokers, we have the tools to help you succeed at land auctions. If you’d like to buy land, contact us, and we will help you be a well-prepared, knowledgeable, patient bidder.

Philosopher Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power,” in 1597. And that’s still true in 2016. Bidders armed with thorough information are far more likely to have a successful auction experience. A fast-paced auction for a complex parcel of land that carries tax liens is no place for a novice investor full of excitement and high emotions.

A Land Consultant has the experience you need and can help you to protect your investment. We’re here to research properties ahead of time to determine the exact nature, size, and location of the land. Access and right-of-way information needs to be fully understood. Restrictions, tax liens, and title searches all should be researched ahead of the auction. Together with you, we will help you fully analyze all available parcels of land and make sound decisions regarding target pricing.

Before you are ready to bid a large sum of your hard earned money, talk to us. Let us help you prepare for success at the auction. After all, sometimes the best bid is no bid. Armed with good research, you will be ready to be a sharp bidder. And you might find a steal of a deal as a result!

At Hansen Land Brokers, we still believe that knowledge is power, even if it was first said over 400 years ago. If you are looking to buy land at an auction, come talk to us first! We’re conveniently located in High River, and you can call us at 1-888-652-7212.