What makes Land such a great investment?

It can be difficult to generate a financial return on investments. Gone are the days of double digit interest rates on even conservative financial tools. Did you realize that buying land is a really good option? Mark Twain famously pointed out why you should consider it: “They’re not making any more of it.” Even today, it’s possible to buy undeveloped land at prices that are very affordable. And At Hansen Land Co. we are experts in buying land! We can help you find or create a comfortable land investment strategy. Why not contact us to discuss whether land is something you’d like to incorporate in your portfolio.

Undeveloped land has great potential

Vacant or “undeveloped” land can be a great investment. It has a tremendous potential and little risk. Without structures or buildings on it, land is perceived as less valuable and often can be purchased for a lower price. Land will appreciate in value if it is “in the path of (urban) growth”. It may also have agricultural or commercial value — either at present or in the future. Revenue generation can also come from a timber harvest, allowing advertising, livestock grazing agreements with farmers/ranchers, and using the land for storage of trailers, boats, or RVs. You always can develop the land yourself, or it can be left to appreciate over time.

There are lots of attractive aspects to owning undeveloped land. Taxes tend to be low. Maintenance costs are also low. Plus, no expertise is needed to own land. But there are some things to watch out for. For instance, vacant land in an urban setting can be a little different. Many complex factors affect the value or saleability of such parcels. It’s possible that there are tax issues or environmental concerns with a property that is “priced to sell”. At Hansen Land Co. we understand the nuances and the market factors that affect your land purchase, and it’s in our interest to help you be thoroughly prepared.

Benefit from our experience

As land brokers, we have a wide variety of properties that we deal with, and we have also seen how the market changes over time. And so we are well positioned to help identify land with the best financial potential. We consider all the factors that affect the current value of a property and also its future market value before we make recommendations to you. Zoning regulations dictate how properties may be developed in the future  And we make sure to advise you of the water rights and utility access to a property. Additionally it is important to know if the land will pass a perk test (percolation) for future septic field installation. Road access to a property is also essential. Using our services minimizes the risks in what could otherwise be a complex transaction.

At Hansen Land Co, we’d like to help you add property to your investment portfolio, and we have the expertise to guide you. Come in and discuss whether a land purchase would be a good investment for you. We’re located in High River, AB at 309 1st Street West. Or give us a call to arrange an appointment at (403) 652-1798.