What Makes Land Such a Great Investment?

When it comes to investing, diversifying your portfolio is almost always a good decision. However, one of the best large investments you can make is buying Albertan land. While Alberta may be known for its oil and gas industry, our agricultural products are perhaps even more famous. Albertan beef and bison are revered worldwide and our canola, wheat, and honey production are also well respected. But beyond the our land’s reputation for producing high quality products, what makes Alberta land such a great investment?

A Finite Resource.

The days of colonialism are over. There are no longer any wildlands to discover and settle. With no more land to find and conquer, all that’s left to do is to purchase the best and most productive pieces of land you can. The farming culture of Alberta will guarantee that if you don’t want to work the land yourself, you’ll be able to find willing tenants who will jump at the opportunity to start their own cattle or wheat operation.

Everyone Needs to Eat.

It can be difficult to know which industries are most stable. Automation and advances in technology and AI can quickly make entire fields of work obsolete, and that can make it a challenge to know where to invest your money. Fortunately, one thing that isn’t going to change is that everybody needs and wants fresh, natural, high quality food. The naturalist-bias that is currently driving market forces towards organic and all-natural food products will ensure that agriculture remains relevant and profitable for decades.

Land Development.

Economic challenges in Alberta have slowed the number of people pouring into the province, but Calgary and other urban areas are continuing to expand their borders. This opens the door for excellent land development opportunities. Albertans will be searching for affordable places to live and work, and that will require the development and sale of land in and around growing communities.

At Hansen Land Co. we strive to connect investors with packages of farmland that meet their priorities and ideals. Our team expertly researches potential land in search of hidden taxes or other problems that may make what seems like a great investment a mediocre or poor one. If you wish to expand your investment portfolio into Albertan land, you’ll want our professionals guiding you towards purchases that will best suit your needs. Call us today.