Why Land is a Great Investment

Getting a return on any investment is tough-going these days.  With stock market volatility, slump in oil stocks and general anemia surrounding rates of return, it’s hard to believe that any sector can provide safety and growth within today’s economy.  But there is still an investment area that continues to provide a haven amidst turbulent times – Southern Alberta Land – maybe not the most exciting investment, but a tried and tested sector that can weather any economic storm.

Why Buy Southern Alberta Land?

There’s no denying that when it comes to expanding investment interests and gaining assets, Southern Alberta Land has been the gem of many a portfolio.  Overlooked by some in favor of luxury condos and vacation properties – land has actually been outperforming many other forms of real estate due to the fact that land is scarce and properties are in abundance.  And acknowledging that Alberta Land is some of the most sought-after soil in the world – why wouldn’t you want to own a piece?

Land as an Investment

Vacant land may not hold the same glamour as other investments – but the reality is that it provides an option to own both a non-renewable and renewable commodity.  No more land is being made, so in that sense it is non-renewable – but the actual land can be used multiple times for agricultural or development purposes.  This renewable/non-renewable situation means that the purchase of land creates many opportunities over the short and long-term.  And unlike owning property that requires maintenance and the headaches of dealing with human fancies – land is pretty well-behaved – causing you few (if any) moments of angst.

Working with a skilled Alberta Land Broker will ensure that you purchase the right piece of land for your investment goals.  Purchasing land that is on a defined growth projection (expanding cities) can reap huge rewards in the years to come, as does buying a piece of agricultural land in anticipation of crop expansion.  Having the guidance and up-to-date knowledge of a land broker can mean the difference between buyer’s remorse and a lucrative venture.

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers provides clients with the tools and information needed to make the right purchase of Southern Alberta Land.  Located in the Town of High River – Hansen Land Brokers – specialize in the sale of prime irrigated farmland, raw tract land, acreages and working farms, and zoned land for development.

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