Lands Sales in Southern Alberta

As much as we love to complain about government and political theatrics – Canada has one of the most stable, ethical, and energetic government bodies in the world today.  And part of Canada’s stable political picture is due in part to the strong economic climate – helped by Alberta’s healthy business structure and ever-growing population.  Alberta is the world’s second largest exporter of natural gas and is the largest producer of conventional crude oil and synthetic crude in the Country.  Alberta’s thriving economy, stable provincial government, and participation in Canada’s overall government stability and affluence, continues to make it a desirable province for land sales and purchases.

And though Southern Alberta has farmland, commercial, investment and developmental land for sale – the reality is that it won’t be available forever, due to the strong foreign interest in one of Alberta’s greatest assets.  Countries like China have shown great interest in the purchase of Alberta land – not just our oil sands.  With growing demand for energy from foreign parts, Alberta’s resources are being snatched up in an attempt to prepare for future requirements and to align overseas countries with Canada.  There is no disputing that Southern Alberta’s rich land is an attractive resource to foreigners and locals alike – and as with all ‘hot commodities’ it’s a first come first serve world – resulting in an increase in sales and values of Alberta Farm, Investment and Development Land.

Hansen Land Brokers is a full service land brokerage firm located in Southern Alberta.  Providing clients with over twenty years of experience specializing in the sale and purchase of rural land assets – this Alberta land sales firm is fully equipped to handle all manner of land transactions and acquisitions. Principal owner, Mr. Shawn Hansen, has first-hand knowledge of foreign interest in Southern Alberta land, following a trip to Beijing in June of 2012.  Along with energy opportunities, China has strong interest in Alberta land for potential development for commercial purpose that is motivated by Alberta’s and Canada’s stable political situation.

The bottom line is that there are huge gains and opportunities to be had in the sale or purchase of rural land in Southern Alberta.  If you are interested in discovering more about land sales and purchases in Alberta – contact Hansen Land Brokers today 1.888.652.7212