The Value in Owning Land

Southern Alberta Land Ownership

Alberta Land Broker – Mr. Shawn Hansen – is no stranger when it comes to the excitement and nervousness frequently associated with land sales or purchase of land.  An accomplished land broker who is familiar with the nuances of land ownership – Shawn Hansen explains that though Alberta’s economic forecast has more clouds that sunshine right now – the climate presents some opportunities to those prepared to do their homework and settle-in for a long-term investment.  Thinking of flipping land in Alberta’s present predicament may prove to not yield the gains an investor was hoping for – but choosing the right piece of land at a depressed price may just provide big gains down the road – if you’re prepared to be patient.

Alberta Land – Affordable or Too Pricey?

Before you dismiss the prospect of land ownership as being too pricey – take some time to crunch the numbers to establish if the prospect of financial gains is viable.   The first step is always to get clear what type of land you what to buy – that involves understanding what the land is going to be used for.  One of the biggest downfalls to land ownership is rushing in to buy without establishing if the parcel of land will meet your goals.  Having to sell land that you bought in haste will not turn you a profit – and will probably leave you wishing you hadn’t considered land as an investment option.  But with some guidance and understanding of the pros and cons associated with owning land – tax benefits and disadvantages, the ability to develop the entire parcel – even considerations of access to sewer, water, gas and electric should be reviewed – as these will be essential when it comes to successfully developing land or reselling it for a profit.

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers in High River has more than twenty years’ experience facilitating land sales and purchases throughout Alberta.  Known for his ability to source the right parcel of land at the right price – Mr. Hansen is proving that even in challenging economic times there is always a win to be made when experience and acumen is partnered with passion and knowledge.  For more information regarding existing land opportunities – contact Hansen Land Brokers today 1.888.652.7212