1866 (+/-) Acres of Western Feedlots Ltd. High River Farmland in Four Parcels

WAS: $10,800,000    


3 PARCELS – 1199.45 (+/-) ACRES REMAIN 

 NOW: $6,600,000 

Located West of High River on the Coal Trail bordering the Town of High River, these four parcels of farmland have received years of feedlot manure applications resulting in superb soil quality. The farming, expertly managed by Charles Flowers, has proved to be some of the top producing land in the Foothills County. The parcels are cash rented for the 2019 growing season, and revenue would be adjusted depending on closing dates.

Parcel 1 – South West Block:   $3,150,000

570.45  (+/-) acres on seven separate titles bordering the east side of Meridian Street, features 386.32 acres of cultivated land in one field. The South portion of 185 Acres pasture is bordered on the south by one half mile of High Wood River frontage which offers numerous building locations and a view of the river valley and the Rocky Mountains.


Parcel 2 – Far West Portion of the West Block:  $1,750,000

319 (+/-) acres, North 1/2 of section 26-18-1-W5., with 310 acres under cultivation. Good gravel access one mile south of 6 corners on the Coal Trail. 

Parcel 3 – East Portion of the West Block:  $1,700,000

310 (+/-) acres, NW of section 25-18-1-W5  &  SW of 36-18-1-W5. 280 acres under cultivation with 30 acres of coulee overlooking the High Wood River. Access off the Coal Trail via 530 Ave. and 16 Street.


SOLD! Parcel 4 – East Block:  $4,200,000 

666.55 acres, W 1/2 of Section 2-19-29-W5 and N1/2 and Ptn SE 3-19-29-W5 437.25 acres under cultivation . The North West 1/4 of section 2 borders the existing limits of the Town of High River for a 1/2 mile. The Coal Trail is the North boundary for one and a half miles.

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