Are you Ready for Auction?

It won’t surprise you to hear that here at Hansen Land Co, we think Alberta farm land is just about the best investment you could ever choose. After all, Alberta’s agriculture industry has a rich history, and Alberta has always been at the centre of food production in Canada. People will always need to eat and there isn’t any new soil being made, so investing in a rich agricultural resource like Albertan farmland just makes sense. Unfortunately, choosing which piece of land to buy isn’t so simple.

Land auctions offer great opportunities for locating and getting a deal. But for an inexperienced buyer, these auctions are full of landmines. This is because buying land takes careful research and patience. It’s vital to learn everything you can about a piece of land before your purchase it, and at an auction isn’t a good place to do that. Before you head to auction, you’ll need a team of experienced land consultants who work with you to research properties you’re interested in ahead of time and who provide a cool head and sound guidance at the auction itself.

Professional Researchers.

When it comes to buying land, there are a lot of considerations that the average Canadian just wouldn’t think to look for. You need to know the exact size of a parcel of land and its official boundaries. You’ll also need to know where it’s located, how you access it, and any right-of-way information. Your land consultant should also help you with restrictions, tax liens, and title searches. The idea is that you and our team work together to learn everything we can about the available pieces of land, so we can make informed decisions about value and target pricing.

Experience and Knowledge.

The Hansen team offers investors a full analysis of parcels of land as well as a rational approach to bidding at auction. We respect that the internet is a powerful tool that offers savvy users access to some information about Alberta land. However, in order to get the full scope of a parcel of land and how it fits into the larger market, you’ll need to talk with an experienced land broker who works within the industry. Where as you bring the enthusiasm for finding a great investment, we bring years of experience and a rational approach that leaves emotions and impulses out of the equation.

It’s a pleasure to work with investors who are excited about expanding their portfolio with Alberta farmland. We understand that different buyers are going to have different priorities for which parcels of land they want, and it’s our goal to help connect people with the right land for them. If you’re feeling ready to head to the land auction, remember to contact the expert land consultants at Hansen Land Co. first.