Ready to Invest In Canadian Farmland?

There’s nothing that we at Hansen Land love more than seeing Alberta farmland used to its fullest agricultural potential. And it looks like we’re in a good time for investors to take advantage of the trends and of our available land. Recent data shows that it may be time to look into Canadian farmland rather than the public markets when it comes to your investment, as this article explains in detail:

In the last 34 years we have experienced five significant bull-market runs, four of which ended in large stock market declines or crashes. The first began in 1984 and ended on Black Monday in October 1987. The second started in 1994 and ended with the Asian Flu currency crisis in September 1998. The third began in late 1998 and ended in the Dot Com bust of 2001. The fourth started in March 2003 and ended with the Global Banking Crisis of 2008, and the fifth began in March 2009 and has continued until today, more or less uninterrupted for much of the past decade.

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