Reasons Why Investors are Crazy for Land

In a time of global financial uncertainty and lazy returns on traditional investments – land is still proving to be of interest to those who understand the benefits of diversifying and the current trend of ongoing population growth and subsequent projected real estate development.

Southern Alberta Land Brokerage – Hansen Land Brokers in High River – explain that in today’s world of average performing portfolios and running on the spot interest rates has fostered the need for investors to consider other vehicles as a means of generating financial opportunities.  Alberta still seems to prove all the analysts wrong when there’s speculation of a real estate meltdown and grinding to a halt migration to this prairie province.  The recent slump in oil prices has naturally slowed the economic climate – but the quality of work-life balance and potential for future career opportunities still entice fellow Canadians and international immigrants to consider Alberta as a future home.

Investors are still crazy for Southern Alberta Land for a few reasons: much of it is prime irrigated land that presents agricultural opportunities that provide cash-flow and desirable future sales – the projected development of raw land by housing companies has drawn the attention of corporate investors who can visualize the predicted landscape and hunt for quality land – and savvy farmers with goals of expanding existing operations before foreign interest scoops up every last parcel are adding to the value of one of Alberta’s greatest assets.

Achieving the goal of purchasing land that has high future value comes with risks to those who lack experience or fail to gain the assistance of a land expert.  Understanding land easements, development restrictions and potential, true quality of the land and future royalty payments if applicable isn’t information that we all naturally know and understand – or that we can access in our day to day lives.  Using the skills of an experienced Alberta Land Broker removes a lot of gray areas from the sale or purchase of land – enabling the client to free up a very sought after commodity – time.

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