Selling Land – How to Gain the Right Attention

Selling land in Southern Alberta doesn’t tend to cause too many headaches – especially if it’s prime irrigated land.  But even if you have the best parcel in town, or your land needs a little TLC, it always pays to do some research prior to throwing up the For Sale sign – particularly if you’re looking to sell fast and for a healthy dollar.

How To Make Your Land More Sellable

Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansen – from Hansen Land Brokers explains that a profitable land transaction usually occurs when all parties have completed their homework and established a clear goal regarding the purpose and requirements of the sale.  Reaching this stage of the process involves different steps for each party – and for the seller the most important step is ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses of the land.  Viewing land through the eyes of the purchaser is a shrewd place for a land seller to begin – as it’s during this stage realities come to light surrounding potential hindrances or opportunities.  Acknowledging that a purchaser will come with a host of questions surrounding land regulations and restrictions prompts the seller to become educated in the fine details of the land they stand on.

Know Your Boundaries

Gaining precise knowledge of your land’s size and boundaries is an essential aspect to completing a beneficial sale.  Information pertaining to access and development limitations may be at the top of the list when it comes to attracting the right buyer- as being able to use the land for an intended purpose will be the dominant focus of a potential purchaser.

Alberta Land Brokers

Utilizing the skills of an Alberta Land Broker can eliminate the hassle in trying to establish the value of your property and the various particulars relating to land use, access and other crucial facts.  An established land broker is able to gather all necessary details that will enable an interested buyer to move forward with the transaction – as handling on-the-spot questions is a broker’s speciality – enabling you to focus on the important job of nailing up the Sold sign.

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