What to Consider When Selling Land

Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansen – has been facilitating the purchase and sale of land across Southern Alberta for decades and has gained critical insight and information regarding the successful sale of land. 


The main objective of selling land is to maximize the sale price and minimize associated costs. However, there are other details that require consideration – such as if it’s in your best interest to seek permits for certain developments prior to selling – will this enhance the speed and price of your sale?  Enlisting the help of an experienced Land Broker in Southern Alberta will help you gain clarification on matters that you may not have thought of – but matters that may end up saving you a bundle.

When selling land in Alberta you may want to consider the timing of when you list your asset, as there are definite cycles and prime times for selling land – and taking advantage of an upmarket can make the transaction worthwhile.  The decision whether to rely on your own land evaluation or seek the skill of a Land Broker is another choice to make.  Keep in mind that a Land Broker views evaluations with an unbiased eye – and can see benefits to a potential buyer that may escape your view.  When a broker evaluates land they utilize data from comparable sales – information that you may not have access to – and are able to compile an accurate sale agenda that explains pricing, closing expectations, available permits and approvals for potential land development.

As a land seller, are you clear on the potential zoning of your land?  Are you aware that it might be advantageous to have your land rezoned prior to selling it – as this may make a remarkable difference in the final sale price.  Having an Alberta Land Broker advice you of these intricacies may prompt you to reconsider the true value of our land – and whether you want to part with it.  Selling land involves more than hammering in a For Sale sign – and can even stretch across continents to involve foreign interest – so take the time to talk with your local land broker prior to making any lasting decisions.

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