Sophisticated Investors Look to Alberta for Development and Agricultural Opportunities

It’s no secret that Alberta comes out on top as the Province to be in for a great lifestyle, career prospects, and investment opportunities.  Alberta Real Estate has garnered plenty of attention over the past few years and Alberta’s prestigious Oil and Gas sector continues to draw global interest – but there is another sector that has continued to gain momentum, even during rocky years – the sector of Land Sales in Alberta for both developmental and agricultural gain.

Investing in Alberta Land presents many opportunities for gain including crop harvests, rearing of livestock, raw tract development and surface lease payments.  The sheer diversity of Alberta land use and expectations for continual rise in values has many a shrewd investor exploring various opportunities for investment in this diminishing asset.  With a healthy injection of funds from the Federal Government for crop development research in Western Canada, the ongoing population growth of Alberta’s towns and cities, and the global ‘land grab’ that is spurring both foreign and domestic interest in Alberta Land, has created viable investment opportunities for those willing to act quickly and take advantage of remaining sales.

With investment diversification being an essential requirement to thriving amongst today’s see-saw markets and the pantomime of government challenges – the purchase of land in Alberta, be it Farmland, Commercial, Developmental, Agricultural, or a place to call home – has the ability to out-perform most ‘traditional investments’ over a period of time.  Averaging a 7% return, Alberta land investing is a low risk asset to add to a sophisticated portfolio.  The only negative associated with land acquisition in Southern Alberta is that it’s in limited supply and interest is high – so the recommendation is “don’t wait to buy, buy and wait” Shawn Hansen

Hansen Land Brokers are an Alberta Brokerage firm specializing in the transaction of land sales in Southern Alberta.  President, Mr. Shawn Hansen, brings impressive land sales experience to each and every client and deal – ensuring that sale or purchase price is achieved and investment goals are realized.  If you have been considering exploring the rewards of Alberta Land Sales contact this Alberta Land Broker today and discover how you can be part of the global ‘land grab’ – 1.888.652.7812