Southern Alberta Farmland – Rich in Rewards

At a time when most traditional investment portfolios are underperforming; bringing stress and angst to the faithful investor – Canadian Farmland has surged to the front of the asset pack – gaining attention with a national average value increase of 10% in the second half of 2012Farm Credit Canada. With farmland values reporting healthy increases across the nation, it comes as no surprise to learn that Southern Alberta Farmland is recording some impressive sale values and continues to be a coveted asset by those near and far.

According to Farm Credit Canada’s Spring 2013 report – Alberta Farmland has chronicled consistent increase in value since 1993 – with 2012 showing a 7.2% rise in the second half. And as the numbers speak for themselves; many a savvy investor is looking at Southern Alberta Farmland as a viable venture, snapping up acres of this rich soil, adding a low-risk high-return asset to diversify an investment portfolio.  From producers to non-farmers, Alberta’s farmland is able to meet the investment goals of all parties and provide long-term lucrative rewards to those who act on the diminishing availability of land.

Western Investor publication termed the present demand for Southern Alberta Farmland as a “land rush” – explaining that prime irrigated land is sought-after by both crop producers and the livestock industry.  Rising commodity prices and strong global pricing of livestock meat has farming corporations, established farming families, along with insightful investors, utilizing the skills of top Alberta Land Brokers to source and facilitate the purchase of farmland in Alberta.

Shawn Hansen, President of Hansen Land Brokers in High River Alberta – is a trusted and preferred Alberta Land Broker who focuses on providing sellers and purchasers of farmland, accurate, detailed and exclusive information pertaining to Alberta farmland transactions.  Acting on behalf of farm producers and investing parties, Mr. Hansen is able to advice on the numerous opportunities that Southern Alberta Farmland presents (strong production quotas for producing parties to leasing prospects for investment return) and is respected amongst national and international groups for his broad, in-depth expertise, and transaction performance.

Farmland transactions in Southern Alberta are occurring at an alarmingly fast rate – resulting in rising costs per acre and multiple offers being presented on available land.  With shrinking supply, demand from foreign interest, and the potential for strong oil lease payments on land that has oil revenue, all signs point to a ‘now-or-never’ investment opportunity.

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