Southern Alberta – Opportunity for Land Sales

Southern Alberta land sales seem to be one-stop shopping – providing opportunity to purchase Ranch Land, Developmental Parcels, Investment Plots and Commercial Spreads – Alberta’s infamous soil has the ability to appeal to every potential buyer.

Hansen Land Brokers can attest to the diversity of land transactions and ongoing demand for one of Alberta’s prized possessions.  Advising clients on the purchase and sale of land – Mr. Hansen and his team have decades of experience in facilitating a range of land sales throughout Southern Alberta. From Farmland to Commercial Development Plots – Hansen Land Brokers operate to meet requests for varying land purchases.

‘Intense demand and short supply’ of Alberta Farmland was reported by the Calgary Herald on September 30th 2014 – highlighting the current trend of on the spot bidding wars for prime agricultural land and farmers poised to make a deal if the price is right .  This trend has led to the cost of Southern Alberta Farmland increasing by twenty percent in some areas.  And according to Elton Ash – vice president of Remax Western Canada – the short supply and high demand ‘has caused bidding wars like we see in Canada’s hot housing market’.

But it’s not just Alberta Farmland that’s getting all the attention – even Southern Alberta’s non-productive land has seen significant increase in value thanks to city dwellers trying to find a little piece of serenity in an attempt to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  Searching for the perfect piece of land to develop a dream home on has seen the value of what was once considered low-grade land to become a hot ticket item.  And the search for peace and quiet has developers hunting down development parcels for future housing needs.

With the desire to farm, build, develop or just hold Alberta Land being at an all-time record high – now is the time to seek out available land sale opportunities.  Waiting to purchase Southern Alberta Land will mean ever decreasing availability of quality land – something that has literally become priceless.

If your goal is to sell or purchase land in Southern Alberta – contact Hansen Land Brokers today 1.888.652.7212