There’s Alberta – Then There’s The Rest of Canada

Alberta has every right to feel like top dog – ‘cause according to a recent article published by Bloomberg on July 23rd 2014 – ‘In Canada’s economy there’s Alberta, and there’s everywhere else’. 

That’s a pretty powerful statement that indicates that not only does Alberta continue to prosper; but it is outperforming the rest of Canada in every aspect of economic growth.  Largely due to the thriving Oil Sands territory that beckons many a migrant to Alberta – thanks to ‘Oil Sands Gushing Jobs’ Bloomberg and Alberta’s work-life balance that enables people to work hard and play hard in world renowned environment.  With the economic divide between Alberta and the rest of Canada becoming ever wider – migration to this flourishing province continues to astound, and create ongoing opportunities for development and prosperity.

Southern Alberta Land Broker – Shawn Hansen – has, for decades, been promoting the many opportunities that Alberta Land Sales presents; knowing that this diminishing asset holds tremendous wealth opportunity to those who are positioned to take advantage of Alberta’s growth projections.  Facilitating Land Sales in Alberta is Mr. Hansen’s focus and passion – and it’s what has made Hansen Land Brokers a leader in land transactions in Southern AlbertaHighly respected and trusted within Alberta’s Real Estate and Land Sales community – Shawn Hansen is a spokesperson and advocate for Alberta Land Sales – creating and overseeing viable land sales and purchases.

With Alberta posting some of the highest salaries across the country – demand for housing and community development continues to eat up Alberta’s remaining land supply.  But with an ever-growing global demand for food – the race is on between land developers and food producers to purchase prime land throughout the province.  With land prices climbing skyward – and province migration showing no signs of slowing down – now is the time to invest in Alberta Land.

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Follow this link to read the Bloomberg article on Alberta’s economic strength and dominance.